Consider Joining us

Ex Justitia is a Latin phrase meaning “according to justice,” or, more aptly here, “from justice.”  The inspiration for the firm’s name was the United States Department of Justice mottoQui Pro Domina Justitia Sequitur, which in rough translation means, “who speaks on behalf of Justice.”

Ex Justitia PLLC is designed to be a highly professional, lean, entrepreneurial, collegial platform for experienced attorneys leaving distinguished careers in the Justice Department and other elite federal agencies or private practices.  Your membership will be on your terms, with maximum flexibility to take on the sort of work you personally consider most appealing and rewarding, at whatever rate you set, with zero pressure to bill hours or develop business beyond what works best for your interests, your family, your life.  In short, your practice is your own, and you keep by far the major proportion of the income you bring in. 

We’ve tried to take care of all the obstacles to your transition to private practice. This includes the essentials, such as formation of a limited liability corporation and all the related membership and client agreements, professional liability insurance, physical office space, website, and online marketing, as well as the smaller details.

If Ex Justitia PLLC sounds like it might be a good fit for you, please be in touch.