A unique law firm specifically created to be a highly professional, lean, collegial platform for attorneys leaving distinguished careers in the federal government.

Ex Justita

a Latin phrase meaning “according to justice” or, more aptly here, “from justice”

Practice law, on your own terms

Maximum flexibility to take on the sort of work you personally consider most appealing and rewarding

Your Practice is your own

You keep by far the major proportion of the income you bring in.

Set your own rates

Zero pressure to bill hours or develop business beyond what works best for you.

The ultimate goal

Foster a community of highly experienced, like-minded attorneys

Are you interested in joining a like-minded law firm?

Call us! Lets work together and create a law environment that fits you. (202) 587-2732

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Ex Justitia PLLC

1775 Eye Street, N.W., Suite 1150

Washington, D.C. 20006

(202) 587-2732

email: info@exjustitia.com


Some Of Our Clients

ex justitia, ae, f. [justus], from or according to justice

A lean, highly experienced team of former federal prosecutors and other vereran former attorneys from the United States Department of Justice and other elite federal agency practices.